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 DraX's Staff Application

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PostSubject: DraX's Staff Application   Sun Jul 17, 2011 1:57 pm

In Game Name: DraX

BYOND Key: DragonX74

Desired Position: The rank doesn't matter to me.

Prior GM Experience: I have been a Staff Member on about many different games that I can remember, and will be a Staff Member for at least two more.

List of Experience:
Awaiting Response: Pokemon Storm (Milomilotic11)
Awaiting Response: Pokemon Unknown (Jimmy889)
Awaiting Response: Pokemon Versus (Liight)
Enforcer: Pokemon Universe Online (Pom583 & Jimmy889)
GM1: Pokemon Trident (Pom583)
GM2: Pokemon Fallen (Shut Down) (Vampirism96)
GM3: None
Admin: Pokemon Omega Finale (Alext345)
Admin: Pokemon Violet (Zero2344)
Admin/Co-Owner: Pokemon Phantom Sky (Aceraptor)
Co-Owner: Will be- Pokemon Shadows Arise (Legit_Skittles)
Owner: Pokemon Battle Unleashed (Cart12)

Why You Should Choose Me: I can easily get along with people, even if they are a pain. I am an experienced mapper if anyone reading this post needs one. I never[U] have abused my powers in the past and I will not in the future.

Anyone Who Can Vouch For Me: (Legit_Skittles) (Aceraptor) (Cart12) That's all I can think of. Cart12 is for mapping. Ace and Legit are for PMD2 Icons.

Anything Else: As I said before, I am an experienced mapper. Sometimes I am able to look through codes and edit them, but I am not a coder. Iconning? Well not much of a pixel artist. I am only able to rip icons from spritesheets or screenshots. I am not able to host because my router is not listed on portforward, but if anyone knows the problem I would like the help please.

I hope you will consider this application, and maybe even approve of it. Thank you for your time. Credit to Pokèmon Ominous Temple Gates for the Application Template. If it weren't for you guys, I would be a GM on 3 less games. Thanks!

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DraX's Staff Application
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