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 Admin Application for [Three Thirty AM]

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PostSubject: Admin Application for [Three Thirty AM]   Thu Sep 16, 2010 2:31 pm

1: How often do you think you would play this game?
I do play the game daily. When I wake up, it's normally up and I get on until I need to leave for the day. Then later on, it's on yet again when I am home, and I get on normally until Ali shuts the server down. I am on quite often. Some may say I have no life. Cool

2: Why do you think you deserve GM?

I'm not sure I 'deserve' it for your game, considering all I do is play. But when I am online, I attempt to help the players to the best of my ability, so I think I would make a decent admin. I'm also online a lot when there are no other admins online, so, I know I could be useful to a certain extent. I also would not abuse my powers, or act differently to the players than I do now. I've been administrator on other games, and even a co-owner on one and I don't believe I abused my powers at all. -shrugs.-

3: Do you have an recommendations?

Mm, I don't think I do, since I don't know many people on that game personally, and I don't know who out of them would want me as a GM, or whatnot. But; just know, I would be willing to begin as an Enforcer and work my way up as I earned your trust.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I sincerely hope it did not waste your time.
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Admin Application for [Three Thirty AM]
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