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 "Enforcer application for Knightrix (RyanX123)"

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PostSubject: "Enforcer application for Knightrix (RyanX123)"   Thu Sep 16, 2010 2:28 pm

-Application Rank for" Enforcer"-

1: How often do you think you would play this game?

Possibly as much as I can. I'm an active player in Icon Ultima, so I would have both games up and play them at will. Of course, I will have my personal and school life to deal with,

2: Why do you think you deserve GM?

My sense of fair play is pretty strong, I'm usually sticking toward game moderation rules, plus I've hosted Pokemon RP's in Icon Ultima alongside with other players for about 2 years. Also, I view myself as someone whose ability is to enforce rules and help players. Higher powers are not my style. To end it all of, Growing up, Pokemon was widely spread amongst many of my friends, so I've been a fan of it since, what...age 6? Now I'm 18 and I'm still constantly restarting on previous Pokemon games, you can say I know quite a bit about it.

3: Do you have an recommendations? (People that think you would be a good Admin)

Zaira (Three Thirty AM). She hosts a Pokemon RP server on Icon Ultima and I'm currently and Enforcer amongst the RP. I am also a great iconner and can rip from PMD source sheets with ease, though I am not familiar with coding.


Though, I am fairly new to the game, I view myself as a great candidate for this game. My experience in Pokemon gameplay and BYOND spriting/ripping is pretty high. Hopefully, you will accept my as one of your own. Unfortunately, right now, I feel like also BEING a new player, I don't belong in staff leagues at the moment. Give me time get accustomed to PAA gameplay, and I assure you I will be an ideal enforcer.

This App. is for future reference.
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"Enforcer application for Knightrix (RyanX123)"
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